Simon Griffiths knows an emerging sport when he sees it.  But
the former freelance triathlon writer wants others to appreciate open water
swimming in its many guises as he does: as a lifestyle, as a healthful exercise
that challenges the mind and body, as an activity that is shared with a
profound level of camaraderie and collegiality that crosses borders, ages and

The embodiment of his vision is H2Open Magazine, the world’s
only magazine dedicated to open water swimming. 

After one year in
publication with sales, influence and advertisements constantly growing in a
down economy, Simon and his team has more than over-delivered.  

of incredible athletes, features on special events, technical information from
dryland training to nutrition, and articles on specific aspects of the sport
from sharks to wetsuits, H2Open Magazine is a dream-come-true for open water
swimming enthusiasts.   For putting together an international team,
financing and a distribution network, Simon Griffiths has increased the
awareness and excitement in the sport and is a worthy nominee for the 2011
World Open Water Swimming Man of the Year.

For more information on Simon Griffiths, visit here.


WOWSA aims to promote open water swimming as a global sport for those of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.  It hosts the World Open Water Swimming Awards to recognize the open water swimming’s heroes and heroines.

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