Great White
Sharks, massive tidal flows and cold water are just three reasons why only two
people in history (since the 1960s) have successfully swum between the desolate
islands of the Farallones and the California coast. 

But Vito Bialla and
Phil Cutti know that where risks are present, aquatic adventurers will gather. 
With Vito’s leadership, Phil’s operational talents, and the passion shown by
their team, the non-profit Farallon Islands Swimming Association was

In its first year, the Association oversaw 2 successful
relays and 4 attempts of the very tidal, bumpy 30-mile stretch between the
Farallon Islands and San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge.  For their shared
local knowledge, navigational and permit support of all interested swimmers and
relays in planning a Farallon Islands swim, and their unparalleled expertise in
escorting swimmers in this treacherous waterway, the unselfish year-round
efforts of the Farallon Islands Swimming Association are worthy of a nomination
for the 2011 World Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year.

For more information on the Farallon Islands Swimming Association, visit here


WOWSA aims to promote open water swimming as a global sport for those of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.  It hosts the World Open Water Swimming Awards to recognize the open water swimming’s heroes and heroines.

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