Dr. Marcella
“Marcy” MacDonald
is a 47-year-old podiatrist who completed her 11th
and 12th crossing of the English Channel. 

Serious, smiling and
smart, the good doctor surrounds herself with a good team and gets it done
every time.  In 2011, she not only kicked off the English Channel season
with the first Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation sanctioned swim in
June with a 10 hour 34 minute crossing, but she also ended the English Channel
season with her 12th crossing of her career in October with an 11
hour 51 minute success. 

How she works in these marathon feats given her
responsibilities with patients and the causes she champions is a wonder. 
The International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame inductee and board director
continues to support others and strongly advocates proper training in
preparation for any kind of open water swim. 

With her ever-present broad
smile, her knack for getting the job done, and heartfelt appreciation for all
those who support her and the sport of marathon swimming, Dr. Marcy MacDonald is a worthy nominee for the 2011 World Open Water Swimming Woman of the Year.

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