Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Diana Nyad had three individuals from Miami (Dr. E. Willis Weyers, University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital, Fellow in Anesthesiology and Critical Care), Mike Letter, P.A. University of Miami Sports Medicine and Orthopedics, and Dr. Gabriel Sarah, University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital, Senior Resident in Anesthesiology) on her escort boats.

They brought a number of medicines and tools that can be used if there is an emergency on Nyad’s Cuba swim, from surgical procedures due to a shark encounter to asthma attacks.

The equipment they have at their disposal to treat Nyad or her escort crew in case of an emergency include the following:

• ACLS medications: Epinephrine/Atropine/Lidocaine/Amiodarone
• Vasopressors: Vasopressin/Norepinephrine/Phenylephrine
• Asthma Rx: albuterol/levoalbuterol/ipratropium/magnesium/corticosteroids
• Antibiotics: Cefazolin/Clindamycin
• Oxygen tanks/ETT/OPA/CO2 calorimetry
• Nebulizers/Neb machine
• Surgical: Laceration trays/wound care topical antibiotics/trauma dressings/splints/IV supplies: Multiple 1L bags -LR/NS/D5 0.45%NS/ D50% Ampules
• Intubating kits and emergency airway supplied incl. tracheostomy kit
• Anesthesics: Etomidate/Succinycholine/rocuronium/Propofol/BZD’s/IV lidocaine for local anesthesia and peripheral nerve block/lorazepam
• NSAID’s: Ketorolac/Ibuprofen/Acetaminophen
• Devices: Temp probe/NIBP cuffs/Stethscopes/Defibrillator/Glucometer

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