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In two weeks, The Do-Over will be released on Amazon. The Do-Over is the much-anticipated autobiography of Karlyn Pipes who has been setting records for the last 3 decades without peer.

Pipes has set more masters swimming records – a total of 223 national and world records – than any other masters swimmer on the planet. She has an unprecedented gift of swimming coaching and inspiring – with an admitted hiccup in her early years.

Her story – The Do-Over – will surprise, engage and motivate as many will attest:

The Do-Over is an inspiring story of rediscovering authentic self, confidence and spirituality. I found it extremely enlightening. A well-written book for anyone needing an inspirational pick-me-up.” Gary Quinn, Bestselling Author, Life Coach, and TV Producer

Karlyn’s journey as described in The Do-Over is a remarkable personal testimony. What she has been able to accomplish is nothing short of amazing. What touched me is her unflinching candor and detailed description of how far she fell and how far she’s come back. If you know anyone who deserves a ‘do-over,’ buy them this book.” John Naber, Olympic Champion and International Swimming Hall of Fame Inductee

Don’t for a second think that The Do-Over is another of those ‘You can do anything you set your mind to’ homilies. If Karlyn Pipes’ lowest lows and highest highs are unfathomable to most of us, try to imagine the expanse separating them and the will it took to bridge that gulf. This is an exceptional tale about an exceptional woman, a harrowing story of someone who not only survived but prevailed mightily, and whose achievements are all the more impressive because of what it took to get there.” Lee Gruenfeld, New York Times Bestselling Author

In the same fearless way that Karlyn Pipes attacked swimming competitions, she now shows the reader how she overcame her difficult beginnings and the near-tragic consequences of her alcoholism. But like any gritty winner, her rekindled passion for life and swimming led her to triumph over her demons and rewrite the record books in a historic way to become a role model for others. I couldn’t put the book down and heartily recommend it to anyone who wants to live an honest and regret-free life.” Caroline Adams Miller, Coach, Speaker, and Author of
My Name Is Caroline and Creating Your Best Life

Karlyn’s raw and honest experience with lost hope, second chances, and recovery will change your life. It did mine.” Dr Tony O’Donnell, Naturopath and Radio Host

Every coach dreams of getting that super-gifted, talented athlete. Karlyn was my gift. Unfortunately, she was not in the ‘I am willing to put in the time and effort to maximize my ability’ phase of her life. If she had trained as seriously as Tracy Caulkins, who at that time held an American record in every stroke, Karlyn could have made it to the Olympics and had that very same level of success. Over the years, I have looked back and felt that somehow I failed her. Unaware of her personal demons, I can now truly appreciate what she has accomplished today. May she enjoy the success that she now wholeheartedly deserves.” Mike Troy, Two-Time Olympic Gold Medalist

This is such a wonderful testimony of a woman so heavily decorated with so many awards and achievements in the swimming world, yet behind the cap and goggles was a soul lost in the darkest and deepest depths of despair. Karlyn channels the demons that once haunted her and uses them to resurface as a champion both in and out of the water. Her story inspires us to believe that anything is possible with hope and desire, and that it’s never too late to turn your life around.” Suzy Degazon, 15-Time Ultraman Hawaii Competitor and Recovering Anorexic

In The Do-Over, Karlyn reveals the essence of a true champion in the pool and in her toughest competition—life! Gut-level honest and inspiring for anyone facing life’s challenges.” Carol LeBeau, Masters Swimmer and Former ABC10 News Anchor

The Do-Over is a wonderful story of addiction and recovery with the sport of swimming as the backdrop. Karlyn Pipes’ unembellished description of her childhood and life in the grips of alcohol addiction made me cheer for each of her hard-won victories, and her quest for wholeness. Karlyn’s description of our sport is spot-on; both its torments and joys.” Nancy Hogshead-Makar, J.D., CEO Champion Women and Olympic Gold Medalist

The Do-Over is a must read about the true definition of success in life. Karlyn got to where she is today not from innate talent, dumb luck
or a magic formula, but by taking responsibiliy for her shortcomings and doing something about it. Her book is an inspiration to everyone who wants to live a more purposeful life
.” Mike Wien, Four-Time Ironman World Champion Competitor and Author of The Specific Edge

Karlyn’s a fierce competitor, a gifted competitive swimmer—and an alcoholic. She misses practices, loses a college scholarship and work
opportunities, and her portrayal of these mishaps is brutally honest and disturbing. Just when her illness seems destined to win, she’s given a second chance. Once she is released from the rehab facility, instead of hiding from the pool like she’s done before, the water becomes a place for healing, a place where she can forgive herself and others and move forward and reach for new amazing possibilities for her life
.” Susan Dawson-Cook, Sports and Fitness Writer and Author

As a recovering alcoholic and member of the swimming community, I found Karlyn’s story both truthful and inspiring. I believe her journey
will resonate with others that have been exposed to alcoholism, or are facing this disease themselves, and will hopefully give guidance and support to those in need
.” Stephen Pickell, Olympic Silver Medalist and Swim Coach

The Do-Over is both illuminating and inspirational. Without glamorizing either alcoholism or eating disorders, Karlyn Pipes writes about these and other difficult topics with honesty, courage, authenticity, and conviction. Her story is gripping, raw, at times uncomfortable, and beautiful. It is ultimately triumphant and transformative. For those of us who have also struggled, Karlyn’s story puts words to experiences and feelings that many of us have shared. Karlyn’s triumph comes not just through athletic victories, but through an awakening of the soul. Karlyn gives us all the permission and encouragement to have our own ‘do-over,’ no matter our age or station in life. She lets us know it’s never too late to be our very best selves.” Ellen Hart Peña, Three-Time Ironman World Champion and Subject of Dying to Be Perfect: The Ellen Hart Peña Story

Most great athletes, I’ve discovered, after writing about them, training with them and now coaching them, are not only passionate about their sport, but addicted—both to exercise and to the adulation they receive from winning. How Karlyn Pipes survived her destructive addictions as a youth and focused her energy into becoming an elite level swimmer at an age when most swimmers have long retired, creates a fascinating and enlightening story for any athlete who’s been reminded by friends and family of their own addictions.” Kim McDonald, Former Editor of Triathlete Magazine, Sports Writer, and UCSD Triathlon Coach

When I took my first private swim lesson from Karlyn in 2007, I thought she had it all—beauty, talent, a gorgeous husband, and a lovely home in paradise. But behind her bubbly personality was pain that causes you to cringe and cry as she digs deep to face her turmoil in The Do-Over.
There is a little bit of Karlyn in all of us. In telling her story, her talent for teaching emerges, as you also take a look at your own shortcomings
.” Cathy Tibbetts, 11-Time Hawaii Ironman World Championship Finisher

At times heartbreaking but ultimately heartwarming, Karlyn’s story will inspire you to rise above your own challenges and realize your greatest potential.” Mali Apple and Joe Dunn, Authors of The Soulmate Experience

The Do-Over is a beautiful and inspirational journey of struggle, hope, grit, passion and faith. Diving into the depths of alcoholism, ascending the heights to recovery and labouring the path to super-achievement, Karlyn’s story will hit you in the heart. A truly moving read.” Kelly Armatage, Therapist and Inventor of A.S.K.: A Serenity Kit

In The Do-Over, Karlyn Pipes swims far beneath the surface to reveal both the pain and the motivation that drives an extraordinary elite athlete. While she initially-—and for some time-—seeks escape from her personal demons through alcohol, Karlyn eventually finds a way out, thanks in large part to her lifelong companion: the sport of swimming. With beautifully evoked memories and exacting honesty, The Do-Over shows us what it really takes to be a world champion. It’s a powerful memoir that both swimmers and non-swimmers alike will not be able to put down.” W. Hodding Carter, Die-Hard Swimming Fan and Author of Off the Deep End

Karlyn is one of the most inspiring humans I have ever encountered, and The Do-Over is a testament not only to her own personal courage and
perseverance but to the resiliency of the human spirit and the power of swimming to heal, transform and provide endless joy
.” Lisa Congdon,
Artist and Author or The Joy of Swimming: A Celebration of Our Love for Getting in the Water

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