Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Nuala Moore‘s new manual – Insight Into The World Of Ice Swimming – is now on the book shelves. Her book is based on her experiences in doing ice swimming (that is, swimming for distance in water under 5°C from her native Ireland to Russia and Argentina and many places in between.

I focused on Cold Water Shock, Cold Water Incapacitation/Swim Failure, Post-Rescue Collapse and Hypothermia and how it applies to swimmers, mainly at distance.”

Considering Moore and her fellow ice swimmers have swum at least a kilometer in nearly 0°C water and sub-0°C air temperatures, we had to smile when she mentioned this. “There are limits in the cold. For everyone.

As swimmers, we can use and learn to work with the inevitable cold. I have taken the research and I have crossed it with the experiences I have had. It’s an educational journey on what happens to our bodies when we spend time at cold temps, based on