Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Sherry Brooks compiled the results of the top swimmers at the Southern Pacific Masters Swimming 2016 Open Water Series that includes 5 independent events.

Christie Ciraulo of UCLA Masters and Stephen Sponagle of NOVA Masters were the high point winners for the 2016 season.

40-44 Female
1st: Jennifer O’Keefe NOVA 56 points
2nd: Tiffany McQueen FISS 50 points

45-49 Male
1st: Chappie De Haven SCAQ 54 points

50-54 Female
1st:e Eileen Span MVN 42 points

55-59 Female
1st: Denise Hearst CVMM 66 points
2nd: Janice Clark CTM 46 points

55-59 Male
1st: Chris Georges TSTT 36 points
2nd: Michael Lucas SWAM 34 points
3rd: Dave O’Neil SWLB 28 points
4th: Mark Harmon PSP 26 points

60-64 Female
1st: Christie Ciraulo UCLA 110 points
2nd: Cheryl Plantz SWM 70 points
3rd: Deire Hobbs UC33 68 points

60-64 Male
1st: Stephen Sponagle NOVA 82 points **High Point**
2nd: Craig Beaudine SWM 56 points
3rd: Greg Mortimer UC33 36 points

65-69 Female
1st: Katherine Watson OJAI 50 points

65-69 Male
1st: Hubie Kerns VCM 62 points
2nd: John Nisbet UC33 52 points
3rd: Bill Wiggins UC33 42 points
4th: Thomas Heydorff LALM 26 points

75-79 Male
1st: Ronald Durkee LALM 78 points
2nd: Conrad Von Blankenburg UC33 62 points

The events included the following races:

* Castaic Lake Open Water Swims, 1 mile
* Seal Beach Rough Water Swims, 1 mile and 3 mile
* Newport Beach Pier to Pier 2 Mile Open Ocean Swim, 2 mile
* Don Burns CDM 1 Mile Ocean Swim, 1 mile
* Salt Creek Rough Water Swim, 1.2 mile

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