Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

The WOW Challenge (Williamstown Open Water Challenge) is held along Williamstown Beach, Australia for the past 27 years. The event also serves as the Victorian Open Water Championships and hosted one of the fastest distance swimmers in the world, Jordan Wilimovsky who finished fifth in the 2016 Rio Olympics 10 km marathon swim and fourth in the 1500m in Rio.

But the visiting American was not the only open water swimming star in Williamstown Beach. Jarrod Poort, who led for most of the 2016 Olympic 10 km marathon swim, 21-time English Channel swimmer Chloë McCardel, 6-time Lorne Pier to Pub winner Sam Sheppard, and former 25 km world champion Melissa Cunningham also participated.

Australian Sam Sheppard gave Wilimovsky all that he could handle, just getting touched out by less than 3 seconds. The pair were flying as Wilimovsky defended his titles, swimming at a 11:43 per km pace.

Over 1,000 swimmers participated in the WOW Challenge that was hosted by Williamstown Swimming and Lifesaving Club.

Top 10 Results for 10 km Marathon Swim
1 Jordan Wilimovsky 1:57:14.9
2 Sam Sheppard 1:57:17.4
3 Brendan Casey 1:59:04.6
4 Robbe Dilissen 2:05:06.8
5 Dean Wilson 2:05:54.4
6 Tyler Jones 2:11:03.1
7 Connor Xu 2:13:19.6
8 Lachlan Schwarz 2:14:55.4
9 Simon Bohun 2:15:10.9
10 Nerice Smith 2:19:44.4 [first woman]

Top 10 Results for 5 km Swim
1 Jordan Wilimovsky 59:05.1
2 Sam Sheppard 59:10.5
3 Heath Macleod 59:29.1
4 Thomas Curran 59:40.6
5 Mack Horton 59:46.1
6 Matt Gilling 1:00:09.2
7 Ryland Brian 1:00:46.5
8 Robbe Dilissen 1:01:01.3
9 Connor Xu 1:01:16.2
10 Ryan Gowty 1:01:17.1

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