Courtesy of Infinity Channel Swimming, Carlingford Lough, Ireland.

One of the toughest, most selfless swims that I had the honor to witness was at the Ice Swimming Aqua Sphere World Championships in Burghausen, Germany in 2-3°C water,” recalled Steven Munatones. “Pádraig Mallon swam stroke-for-stroke with Milo McCourt in the 1 km event for moral support. Both men were total grit; just tough as nails.

Pádraig was simply not going to leave Milo’s side and he stayed in despite the freezing cold conditions.”

It is that kind of intensity, experience, coaching and support that Pádraig and his team at Infinity Channel Swimming offer to open water swimmers around the world at the 4-day intense endurance training program over the HITtheWALL Open Water Swim Weekend in Carlingford Lough, Ireland between May 26th – 29th.

HITtheWALL is a four-day training weekend for all abilities from open water beginners to channel and marathon swimmers. You can take what you want from HITtheWALL. As a beginner, you will gain confidence in a safe, controlled environment. As a more advanced swimmer, HITtheWALL will push you physically and mentally,” explains Mallon.

Open water swimming is not only about physical ability, that’s why at the HITtheWALL weekend we also look in more detail at the participants’ mental ability. The HITtheWALL experienced crew will pull you through the darkest moments of these amazing adventures in the water.

We will take you to your limits and then look for more, when you think you have none left. Join us as life begins outside your comfort zone.”

Flotation devices are worn on all swims and an adventure light with glow sticks is worn for night swimming. An infinity yellow BEYOND YOUR LIMITS HITtheWALL silicone swim cap will indicate to the coaches and crew that these swimmers are willing to be pushed at all stages during the weekend. “You can hand your hat back at any stage if you want.”

All swimming venues and start positions are weather wind and tidal dependent and may change up to one hour prior to the swim start. “The start time means toes in water when you are suited and greased ready to go. If you are late, you do not swim as rescue cover is supplied to suit a group start time. If you require your feed at 30-minute intervals, we advise you to purchase an infinity hydration float – this is a safety buoy and hydration storage all in one.”

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