Courtesy of Greg Shea, Alamitos Bay, California.

Alex Kostich, one of the most prolific open water swimmers in the world, will lead the first Open Water Swim Clinic at 9:30 am on July 23rd in Alamitos Bay. After the clinic ends, Kostich will lead a 3-mile training swim around Naples Island in Long Beach, California.

The clinic is the first of a series of educational clinics for the Naples Island Swim & SUP to be held on August 13th.

The Naples event includes a 3-mile SUP, 6-mile SUP, 1-mile swim, 3-mile swim, 1000-yard swim, 500-yard swim, and 200-yard swim in the Aquatic Capital of America. The 2016 event saw the top four swimmers finish almost exactly together [see below].

This [3-mile circumnavigation] is a great race and a lot of fun,” says frequent competitor and renowned 54-year-old California lifeguard Bryan Buck who finished in a photo finish with 36-year-old Michael Burlon and 15-year-old Zane Grenoble who were all credited with the identical time of 1:02:03.4.

There was a group of us all switching positions in the lead pack,” recalled Burla who won the race. “It seems we were all moving around and leading at different point including a young girl [16-year-old Brenna Knapp who finished fifth in 1:02:10.2]. Coming around under the last bridge, I thought I pulled ahead, but I wasn’t sure because I felt someone touching my feet with 300 yards to go. [The race] was enjoyable. Throughout the [circumnavigation] swim, there were different temperatures and tastes, but it was pretty clear the whole way around [the islands].”

Additional clinics are held in the Thursday and Friday evenings at 5 pm and on Saturday and Sunday mornings at 8 am in the weeks leading up to the race. For more information, visit here.

2016 Top 10 Naples Island 3-mile Swim Results
1 Michael Burlon 1:02:03.4
2 Bryan Buck 1:02:03.4
3 Zane Grenoble 1:02:03.4
4 Frank Bird 1:02:04
5 Brenna Knapp 1:02:10
6 Cara Davidoff 1:02:10
7 Steve Sponagle 1:03:52
8 Jax Cole 1:04:06
9 Jason Scheurer 1:04:46
10 Chad Nakagawa 1:04:51

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