Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

In 1979, four Cape Ann residents swam across Gloucester Harbor in protest of its polluted status. This evolved into an annual Audubon Society-sponsored event to help raise funds for cleaning the harbor (Swim for a Clean Harbor).

By 1993, the harbor was deemed clean by the Audubon Society, leading to honor their efforts and begin the Celebrate the Clean Harbor Swim.

The annual 1.2-mile open water event is now sponsored by New England Open Water Swimming Association (NEOWSA), formerly New England Marathon Swimming Association.

Guy Davis said, “It is a fun swim in a nice venue with a good crowd and unique prizes.”

Top 10 Bioprene Results:
1. Graham Lott 29:28 (22)
2. Richard Starace 31:38 (54)
3. Kaitlin Patt 32:25 (13) First Woman
4. Ginger Howell 32:53 (31) Second Woman
5. Sally Szydziak 34:28 (15) Third Woman

Top 10 Neoprene Results:
1. Ethan Saulnier 24:24 (47)
2. Guy Davis 24:49 (58)
3. Hannah Perkins 25:38 (13)
4. Kirk Larsen 26:00 (40)
5. Nicholas Thompson 27:03 (26)

Co-event director Dave Swensen shown above with his long board.

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