Courtesy of Scott Zornig, Puerto Rico.

Carlos Alvarez is an ocean swimmer, winter swimmer and marathon swimmer from Puerto Rico who has competed from Vermont to Florida to California over his career that blossomed in his 40’s.

Scott Zornig set up a GoFundMe page to help his friend Alvarez who recently took a major hit to his home and business.

On September 20th, a Category 4-5 hurricane caused catastrophic damage in Puerto Rico as the island took a direct hit with 155 mph winds,” writes Zornig. “Hurricane Maria was the worst hurricane to strike Puerto Rico since 1928 and resulted in the biggest catastrophe in Puerto Rican history. 3.5 million residents have virtually no power, phones or Internet and must deal with flooding, damaged homes, lost businesses and a shortage of food and water.

Carlos and his family had severe damage to their home while the family business will be shut down for at least 3 months as the island recovers.

Carlos is a kind, wonderful person and would quickly give anyone the shirt off his back in their time of despair. Although Carlos is a proud man and would never ask, he and his family need our help. A donation in any amount would go a long way towards rebuilding their lives and getting this amazing family back on their feet.

100% of the donations received will be used to purchase basic living necessities while the family is out of work and contribute toward repairs on the family home.”

For more information and to help, visit here.

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