Courtesy of U.S. Masters Swimming, Dallas, Texas.

U.S. Masters Swimming concluded its annual meeting during the United States Aquatic Sports Convention in Texas by honoring dedicated volunteers, coaches and race directors with service awards.

The June Krauser Communications Award is presented to individuals whose communications efforts have contributed to U.S. Masters Swimming’s growth, improvement, or success. The award is named for June Krauser, the author of U.S. Masters Swimming’s first rulebook and a prolific writer and editor of many early newsletters and other publications.

The 2017 recipient is Cheryl Wagner of Potomac Valley who is an open water swimmer and charity swim organizer for the Potomac River 7.5 Mile Swim for the Environment (aka Potomac River Swim), a 12 km marathon swim that crosses the mouth of the Potomac River where it meets the Chesapeake Bay and divides Virginia’s Northern Neck from Saint Mary’s County, Maryland.

The distance freestyler is an avid masters competitor who has also competed in the Great Chesapeake Bay Swim at least 15 times to date.

For more information on the Potomac River Swim, visit here.

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