Course plan above courtesy of Captain Dawn Brooks, Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association.

Open Water Swim Academy founder Dan Simonelli envisioned a unique course, set off on an unprecedented route, completed his stage swim, and set a record that will exist in perpetuity.

Simonelli swam across three channels between four of northern Channel Islands off the shore of California.

According to the Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association, he swam 5.8 km from San Miguel Island to Santa Rosa Island in 2 hours 30 minutes, then swam another 8.9 km from Santa Rosa Island to Santa Cruz Island in 4 hours 5 minutes, and then culminated his Santa Barbara Island Hopper with a 7.4 km crossing from Santa Cruz Island to Anacapa Island in a new course record of 2 hours 14 minutes.

His crew included Dave Van Mouwerik and Evan Morrison, pilots by Captain Dawn Brooks and Todd Griswold, and paddler Guy Morgan.

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