Courtesy of Lynn Kubasek, Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association, California.

Steven Dalke crossed the Santa Barbara Channel from Anacapa Island to Silverstrand on the California mainland in 7 hours 7 minutes.

What made his crossing unique was how natural he did it. “Usually I see swimmers glopped from head to toes in protective goop,” said long-time observer Lynn Kubasek. “Mr. Natural caught my attention. I wonder how he does it?

Kubasek often sees a range of choices for skin lubrication and sunscreen. “It can vary from the full-body Desitin look of Jaimie Monahan to lanolin or Vaseline with Sea & Ski.

But this Saturday, I saw something totally unique…Steve “my body is a temple” Dalke did not use any lube or sunscreen. He emerged from the water after his Anacapa swim looking totally fine – no sunburn or chafing at all. His wife confirmed he never uses lotions or creams.”

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