Courtesy of Jose Luis Larrosa Chorro, River Bhagirathi.

Jose Luis Larrosa Chorro won his second consecutive 81 km (50.3-mile) India National Open Water Swimming Competition down the River Bhagirathi near Bangladesh last month and provided the list of winners of this historic event:

1961 Ananda Hajra (India)
1962 Debi Dutta (India)
1963 Janaradan Bhattacherjee (India)
1964 Debi Dutta (India)
1965 Debi Dutta (India)
1966 Baidyanath Nath (India)
1967 Baidyanath Nath (India)
1968 race not held
1969 Baidyanath Nath (India)
1970 Paramesh Das Ghosh (India)
1971 race not held
1972 Jn. Rowshan Ali Mandal (Bangladesh)
1973 Jn. Rowshan Ali Mandal (Bangladesh)
1974 Saktipada Rajak (India)
1975 Sahadeb Das (India)
1976 Khagen Dutta (India)
1977 Sahadeb Das (India)
1978 race not held
1979 Khagendra Nath Dutta (India)
1980 Khagendra Nath Dutta (India)
1981 Khagendra Nath Dutta (India)
1982 Khagendra Nath Dutta (India)
1983 Khagendra Nath Dutta (India)
1984 Laxman Halder (India)
1985 Khagendra Nath Dutta (India)
1986 race not held
1987 Sanjiban Mandal (India)
1988 Sanjiban Mandal (India)
1989 Sanjiban Mandal (India)
1990 Sukbindar Sing (India)
1991 Amar Basak (India)
1992 Amar Basak (India)
1993 Sankar Das (India)
1994 race not held
1995 V. Kutraleeswaran (India)
1996 Jagannath Saha (India)
1997 Jagannath Saha (India)
1998 Jagannath Saha (India)
1999 Mayur Joyvadan Meheta (India)
2000 Jagannath Saha (India)
2001 Mayur Joyvadan Meheta (India)
2002 Jagannath Saha (India)
2003 Chaitali Dhenki (Ghosh) (India)
2004 Soumitra Ghosh (India)
2005 Soumitra Ghosh (India)
2006 Marcos Díaz (Dominican Republic)
2007 Chandan Sarkar (India)
2008 Omkar Madhab Ganbota (India)
2009 Dharambir Jamatia (India)
2010 Sayantan Sattwik (India)
2011 Chandan Sarkar (India)
2012 Rakesh Biswas (India)
2013 Rakesh Biswas (India)
2014 Rakesh Biswas (India)
2015 Md. Ashikur Rahaman (Bangladesh)
Jose Luis Larrosa Chorro (Spain)
Jose Luis Larrosa Chorro (Spain)

Larrosa [shown above] described his most recent participation in this year’s race here.

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