Courtesy of Pádraig Mallon, Infinity Channel Swimming and Piloting Services, Carlingford, Ireland.

Pádraig Mallon of Infinity Channel Swimming and Piloting Services announced the registration opening for the annual HITtheWALL, a 3-day open water swimming clinic between May 25th-28th 2018 that offers preparation for swimmers on their physical and mental limits, safety issues, hydration, nutrition, learning, psychological development, distance swimming, water temperature acclimatization and teamwork with like-minded people in seas and lakes.

The offerings include:

*Full Weekend including open water swim, dinner and race
*Full weekend including open water swim and race
*Friday Fire Walk
*Friday night swim only
*Friday all events
*Friday and Saturday open water swims
*Friday, Saturday, Sunday open water swims
*Saturday, Sunday, Monday open water swims
*Saturday, 7.5 km Battle of Carlingford Lough
*Saturday open water swim all events
*Sunday open water swim

For more information, visit here.

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