Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Hollywood and movie makers around the world often adapt both well-known and relatively unknown books into films.

Dr. Wallace J Nichols is doing the same with his popular book, Blue Mind. He is taking the book Blue Mind and transforming it into Blue Mind The Movie.

Dr. Nichols’ book-into-film is an opportunity to share the science of the human brains on water. “Blue Mind is medicine for what ails us: the “red mind” state of fear, stress and distraction.

This groundbreaking film will share the often overlooked cognitive, emotional, physical, social and spiritual benefits of being near, in or around water,” explains the American scientist from California.

This film adaptation of the Blue Mind book and movement connects the dots between neuroscience and economics as well as water and wellness by focusing on the often overlooked cognitive, emotional, social, physical, and spiritual benefits of being in or around water.

Everyone who wants to embrace their best Blue Mind can pre-purchase the movie or invest in its crowdfunding production on Indiegogo.”

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