Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

When people see Helen Lin, their impressions, assumptions and beliefs about open water swimming, ice swimming and marathon swimming get trashed.

When people see Lin compete in ice swimming competitions and complete unprecedented swims, they suddenly believe that either Lin is a superhuman or open water swimming achievements are within their capabilities.

The slender 34-year-old is perhaps one of the more unlikely ice swimmers.

Happy Helen from Quincy, Massachusetts has not only competed in the Big Chill Swim in the UK and the 1k British Championships in 5.4ºC water and the United States Winter Swimming Championships in Lake Memphremagog and New York City, but she also completed an Ice Mile in Boston in 2014 in 33 minutes 59 seconds and numerous swimming marathons including the unprecedented N2N2N [photo above].

But she has shifted her focus, at least in the immediate short term, from the rough water and ice swimming to competitive dryland exploits. Happy Helen was recently selected among 20,000 applicants to compete on American Ninja Warrior Season 10.

Filming starts in 3 weeks. Find me on Instagram @Zuplindo if you want to follow me on my adventures,” says the rock climber and personal trainer. “Rocks are fun, but I [still] physically crave the cold water endorphin rush.”

Watch her compete on American Ninja Warrior, beginning on May 30th on NBC.

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