Courtesy of Francismar Siviero, NATAÇÃO MASTER, Brazil.

The career of an athlete is much more than the collection of titles, medals and trophies,” Francismar Siviero of NATAÇÃO MASTER in Brazil.

According to Betina Lorscheitter, the values ​​that the athletes projects, practices, owns and transmits are also important.

Up until 2010, Lorscheitter was a focused pool swimmer: 25m and 50m pools were her chosen venues.

But Lorscheitter decided to seek new challenges in the open water in 2011. Within a year, she qualified for the Brazilian national team and started competing in the FINA World Cup circuit among her always tough teammates, Poliana Okimoto and Ana Marcela Cunha.

In a Portuguese-language interview with Braçada Perfeita, she explains how this transition happened and what took her from swimming pool to the seas around the world. She talks about how 10 km races were initially very tiring, but she adapted quickly.

Read the interview here.

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