Courtesy of California Beaches. is an informative, visual website that describes nearly 1,000 different beaches along California’s varied 1,264-mile (2034 km) coastline.

Co-founders Bryce and Doug describe the following areas along the California coast:

Southern California
* San Diego County coastline starts at the border with Mexico and runs north to Orange County. There are over 100 named beaches with much diversity.
* Orange County is located between the large urban metropolises of San Diego and Los Angeles. These coastal cities are smaller in size, but they compete in the quantity and quality of their beaches.
* Los Angeles County is home to about 10 million people. On sunny days, it seems like most are at the beach. Luckily, there are many amazing beaches from Long Beach to Malibu to choose from.
* Catalina Island is a short ferry ride away from ports in Long Beach, Dana Point, and Los Angeles.

Central California
* Ventura County marks the southern end of the Central California Coast. Between ritzy Malibu and Montecito, there are many uncrowded stunning beaches.
* Santa Barbara County has a long south-facing stretch of the Central California coastline with a Mediterranean feel, known as The American Riviera.
* San Luis Obispo County is located along the Central California coast about midway between Los Angeles and the Bay Area. The long coastline has small cities spaced out just right.
* Monterey County has a diverse coastline that includes rugged beaches in the remote region of Big Sur and sandy beaches near the urban areas of Carmel and Monterey.
* Santa Cruz County coastline is south of San Mateo County on the San Francisco Peninsula and just a short drive from San Jose and the southern San Francisco Bay Area.

Northern California
* San Mateo County takes up most of the San Francisco Peninsula south of San Francisco. San Mateo is known for its great beaches along the Pacific Coast from Pescadero to Half Moon Bay to Daly City.
* San Francisco County and San Francisco City are just different names for the same place. They both have the same boundaries and the same beaches.
* Marin County is across the Golden Gate Bridge, north of San Francisco. Marin has beaches on San Francisco Bay, Tomales Bay, and on Point Reyes National Seashore.
* Sonoma County coast has a lot of great beaches, but few cities. Drive Highway 1 from Bodega Bay to Jenner to Sea Ranch while passing by stunning coves and beaches.
* Mendocino County has a large chunk of Northern California coastal real estate. Driving twisty Highway 1 here is over 100 miles of scenic driving pleasure.
* Humboldt County coast is full of wild and remote beaches that beg for exploration.
* Del Norte County is the northernmost county in California and has more wild remote beaches than urban beaches.

The passionate pair of Californian selected their Top 10 Beaches in California based on the coastal views, surrounding scenery, myriad people that frequent the beach, natural features to discover, and walkability with 3 state-wide popular beaches, 3 locally-known beaches, 3 much less-known beaches, and one best overall beach.

1. La Jolla Shores Beach
2. Santa Monica State Beach
3. Coronado Beach
4. Carmel City Beach
5. Moonstone Beach
6. Salt Creek Beach
7. Sand Dollar Beach
8. McClures Beach
9. Pebble Beach of Crescent City
10. [Best Beach]: San Gregorio State Beach

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