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2016 Olympic champions Sharon van Rouwendaal and Ferry Weertman highlight Sunday’s FINA/HOSA Marathon Swim World Series race on Beau Vallon Beach on Mahé, Seychelles.

The Dutch champions will race many of the world’s best at the Beau Vallon resort where fans can watch the live stream on finaTV on May 20th at 8:00 am (GMT+4) for the women and 11:30 am for the men.

The pair will defend their first FINA/HOSA Marathon Swim World Series race title after winning the Doha, Qatar race on March 17th.

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David Vilot, Seychelles Swimming Association chairman, said: “We feel very luck to host the prestigious FINA/HOSA Marathon Swim World Series. We have been dreaming of this for a long time and this is our chance to showcase our wonderful island, promote tourism and to encourage swimmers to travel to our world class open water swimming destination. We also want to develop our own swimmers by having them compete on a world stage. Some of our Seychelles swimmers have already competed in Doha, this along with FINA running an officials school that has catapulted open water swimming into the public eye and finally it’s about increasing fitness and wellbeing by promoting the sport of swimming. Whilst Victoria has a 50m public swimming pool, we are running public mass participation open water swims and using the elite swimmers to meet some schools to promote activity and the sport of open water swimming.”

Van Rouwendaal commented, “It’s beautiful here, after breakfast we walked 10 meters to the beach and it was amazing. Every race is different, I come here to learn; in Doha I didn’t make a lot of mistakes, so let’s see here. The water here is pretty warm, but we have been practicing so we are adapting.”

Weertman added, “Seychelles is known as a place to go on your honeymoon, it’s like a paradise, you have beautiful sandy beaches, the sea is so clear, you can sea turtles which is amazing. I’ve been training hard the last few weeks, I’m really excited to see where I stand with the best of the world. The Europeans are still a long way off, which I’m peaking for.”

Giovanna Rousseau, Chief Executive of the National Sports Council, was appreciative of the opportunity to host the event. “For Seychelles, the FINA/HOSA Marathon Swim World Series race is the biggest competition ever hosted and we feel very proud.”

Female Start List at FINA/Hosa Marathon Swim World Series in Seychelles
Finnia Wunram (Germany)
Ana Marcela Cunha (Brazil)
Yumi Kida (Japan)
Anna Olasz (Hungary)
Danielle Huskisson (Great Britain)
Rachele Bruni (Italy)
Lea Boy (Germany)
Viviane Jungblut (Brazil)
Stephanie Horner (Canada)
Michelle Weber (South Africa)
Caiping Yang (China)
Samantha Arévalo Salinas (Ecuador)
Leonie Beck (Germany)
Esmee Vermeulen (Netherlands)
Svenja Zihsler (Germany)
Giulia Gabrielleschi (Italy)
Caroline Laure Jouisse (France)
Xin Xin (China)
Sharon van Rouwendaal (Netherlands)
Alice Dearing (Great Britain)
Angela Maurer (Germany)
Muran Tian (China)
Arianna Bridi (Italy)
Yukimi Moriyama (Japan)
Martina de Memme (Italy)
Sarah Bosslet (Germany)

Male Start List at FINA/Hosa Marathon Swim World Series in Seychelles
Tobias Patrick Robinson (Great Britain)
Damien Payet (Seychelles)
Vitaliy Khudyakov (Kazakhstan)
Christian Reichert (Germany)
Marcel Schouten (Netherlands)
Soren Detlef Meissner (Germany)
Hau-Li Fan (Canada)
Simone Ruffini (Italy)
Kristof Rasovszky (Hungary)
Fernando Ponte (Brazil)
Jack Burnell (Great Britain)
Andreas Waschburger (Germany)
Rob Frederik Muffels (Germany)
Ruwen Straub (Germany)
Andrea Manzi (Italy)
Ferry Weertman (Netherlands)
Bertrand Payet (Seychelles)
Kenessary Kenenbayev (Kazakhstan)
Chad Ho (South Africa)
Matteo Furlan (Italy)
Mario Sanzullo (Italy)
Allan do Carmo (Brazil)
Diogo Villarinho (Brazil)
Pepijn Smits (Netherlands)
Nicolas Masse-Savard (Canada)
Abdulaziz Al-Obaidly (Qatar)

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