Courtesy of WOWSA, Tempe Town Lake, Arizona.

15-year-old Chase Travis took off and led most of the 7.5 km race at the USA Swimming National Open Water Swimming Championship yesterday in Tempe Town Lake, Arizona – eventually winning the race by 10 seconds.

Leah DeGeorge finished second and will represent the United States at the 2018 FINA World Junior Open Water Championships in Israel.

Travis said, “I had a different plan going in, but a lot of things happen in a race and you just adjust. My plan was to not be in the lead the first three laps and then take the lead the last two laps, but that didn’t really turn out. I just felt better than expected.”

Girls 7.5 km Results:
1. Chase Travis (Nation’s Capital Swim Club) 1:36:02.78
2. Leah DeGeorge (Bolles School Sharks) 1:36:12.26
3. Liberty Williams (Riverside Aquatics Association) 1:38:17.52
4. Hayley Pike (Razorback Aquatic Club) 1:38:20.45
5. Chloe Freeman (Sandpipers of Nevada) 1:39:00.72
6. Julissa Arzave (South Bay Aquatics) 1:39:42.51
7. Mary Pruitt (Irish Aquatics) 1:40:20.95
8. Polina Rukosuev (Fast Lane Aquatics) 1:40:27.45
9. Ashlyn Fiorilli (Texas Ford Aquatics) 1:41:07.03
10. Anna Kalandadze (Radnor Aquatic Club) 1:41:10.83
11. Reese Hazan (Sandpipers if Nevada) 1:42:02.61
12. Leigh Spicer (Weymouth Club Waves) 1:42:17.96
13. Rachel Sabotin (Club Olympia Swim Team) 1:42:23.31
14. Selina Reil (Northern KY Clippers Swimming) 1:42:27.94
15. Kara Church (Scottsdale Aquatic Club) 1:42:34.56
16. Sydney Church (TAC Titans) 1:42:44.74
17. Emily Gjertsen (Westchester Aquatic Club) 1:43:10.86
18. Nicole Salladin (FAST Swim Team) 1:43:52.17
19. Victoria Gutierrez (Sandpipers of Nevada) 1:44:01.50
20. Annika Johnson (FAST Swim Team) 1:44:07.77
21. Nathalie Valdman (Bellevue Club Swim Team) 1:44:15.46
22. Carol-lena Breiter (Phoenix Swimming) 1:44:28.68
23. Maggie Erwin (Boise YMCA Swim Team) 1:44:34.42
24. Abigail Jahns (Fishers Area Swimming Tigers) 1:44:37.76
25. Maya Knutson (Boise YMCA Swim Team) 1:45:41.59
26. Morgan Booth (Fishers Area Swimming Tigers) 1:45:46.64
27. Kenna Haney (New Wave Swim Team) 1:48:24.10
28. Kathryn Epperson (Memphis Tiger Swimming) 1:48:41.91
29. Makayla Ludwick (Greater Pensacola Aquatic Club) 1:49:07.76
30. Olivia Morlok (Donner Swim Club) 1:50:54.58
31. Shelby Cleal (Rockville Montgomery Swim Club) 1:52:31.41
32. Emma Mehl (Sierra Marlins Swim Team) 1:52:51.31
33. Annie Walls (Parkland Aquatic Club) 1:53:04.56
34. Maggie Marody (Wheeling YMCA) 1:53:06.21
35. Amy Townend (Suburban Seahawks Club) 1:56:11.80
36. Arianna Petrovia (NRG Swimming) 1:58:03.33
DNF Faith Hefner (Unattached)

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