Courtesy of USA Swimming, Tempe Town Lake, Arizona.

Jackson Carlile of the Fishers Area Swimming Tigers won a close race over Conner Hunt and Gabriel Machado at the 5 km junior race at the USA Swimming National Open Water Swimming Championships in Tempe Town Lake, Arizona.

The 14-year-old Indiana swimmer will head off to the FINA Open Water Swimming Junior World Championships in Eilat, Israel before he heads off to school in September.

Carlile said after his first race and his first open water victory, “My plan was to stick back with the lead back and make a move on the third lap, but it got rough on the second lap so I made my move then. Everyone was just toppling over one another and I felt like I was slowing down.

I haven’t done [open water racing] before so this is my first time. The first lap was easier than I expected. I felt we went out a little slow. I was hoping for top two and I won.”

If he swims as well in Israel as he did in first open water race in Arizona, Carlile has quite a future ahead of himself in the open water.

Top 10 Boys 5 km Results:
1. Jackson Carlile (Fishers Area Swimming Tigers) 59:57.91
2. Conner Hunt (Ridgefield Aquatic Club) 1:00:00.26
3. Gabriel Machado (Boise YMCA Swim Team) 1:00:04.36
4. Brice Barrieault (Sandpipers Of Nevada) 1:01:07.39
5. John Anderson (Lakeside Swim Team) 1:03:00.39
6. Matthew Boehme (Unattached) 1:03:16.69
7. Danny Qaqish (NCAC) 1:03:18.17
8. Adam Shaaban (Team Santa Monica) 1:05:02.80
9. Conner Coronado (Unattached) 1:05:04.83
10. Sean Rogers (Swim Seventy) 1:05:47.54

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