Courtesy of Daniel Fisher, Fisher Films, South Carolina.

Kathleen Wilson has lived in South Carolina since the age of 24.

Since that time, she has thrived as an event organizer, an endurance athlete, a local politician and an accomplished musician with the Charleston Symphony Orchestra for 31 years.

Her current event, the Swim Around Charleston (, quickly attracted swimmers from around the world who wanted to challenge themselves to a late-season marathon swim in a beautiful, historic seaside resort built near an inlet to the Atlantic Ocean.

Wilson was recently inducted in the South Carolina Athletic Hall of Fame for the following accomplishments; the video above was shown at her induction ceremonies on May 14th.

* In 1997, she completed the Swim Around Key West in Florida.

* In 1999, she completed the 45.8 km Manhattan Island Marathon Swim in New York in 7 hours 37 minutes at the age of 36.

* In 2001, she completed a crossing of the English Channel from England to France in 13 hours at the age of 38.

* In 2001, she was awarded the Order of the Palmetto, South Carolina’s highest civilian honor.
* In 2003, she completed the 37 km Tampa Bay Marathon Swim in Florida in 12 hours 26 minutes at the age of 39.

* In 2004, she completed a crossing of the Catalina Channel from Santa Catalina Island to the California mainland in 9 hours 36 minutes to achieve the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming at the age of 41.

* In 2005, she completed the International Self-Transcendence Marathon Swim in Lake Zürich, Switzerland in 8 hours 56 minutes at the age of 42.
* In 2006, she completed the 25 km Swim Across the Sound in Connecticut in 8 hours 51 minutes.

* In 2007, she completed a 30.6 km crossing of the Santa Barbara Channel from Santa Cruz Island to the California mainland in 11 hours 43 minutes at the age of 44.

* In 2008, she completed a 14.4 km crossing of the Strait of Gibraltar from Spain to Morocco in 4 hours 23 minutes at the age of 45.

* In 2010, she completed the first circumnavigation around Charleston, South Carolina at the age of 47.

* In 2011, she completed the 16.1 km Kingdom Swim in Lake Memphremagog, Vermont in 5 hours 29 minutes at the age of 48.

* In 2011, she began organizing the 19.3 km Swim Around Charleston event.

* In 2012, she completed a 42 km crossing of the Molokai Channel from Molokai to Oahu in Hawaii in 20 hours 49 minutes to complete her fourth Oceans Seven channel.

* In 2014, she completed the 57.9 km END-WET marathon swim down the Red River from North Dakota to Minnesota in 9 hours 9 minutes at the age of 51.

* Between May 6th – 9th 2015, she completed a 13.3 km swim in Saguaro Lake in 3 hours 50 minutes, a 14.1 km swim in Canyon Lake in 3 hours 52 minutes, a 22.8 km swim in Apache Lake in 8 hours 49 minutes, and a 10 km swim in Roosevelt Lake in 3 hours 25 minutes at the SCAR Swim Challenge in Arizona at the age of 51.
* She established Swim Calm, an organization that teaches adults who experience fear of the water to feel safe in the water.

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