Courtesy of USA Swimming, Tempe Town Lake, Arizona.

After leading much of the first half of the USA Swimming National Open Water Swimming Championship 10 km race yesterday in Tempe Town Lake, the Mariah Denigan faded to 10th place among the best open water swimming females in America.

But that was 24 hours ago.

Today, the 14-year-old from Northern Kentucky Clippers Swimming led for most of the race again, but this time came out comfortably on top to win the junior 5 km race. Her performance – which would have been good enough to place fourth in the boys race – qualified for the FINA Junior World Open Water Swimming Championships this September in Eilat, Israel.

She is a quick study and took her 10th-place finish as a learning experience, “My strategy was to not go out as fast as I did yesterday, just hang back with the other girls who pushed me very well. Then go on the second lap and take control and take over on the third lap.

Yesterday, my coaches told me to take it out fast because I’m always very timid in the races, so I just wanted to get out there and see how long I could last with the other girls

Girls 5 km Results:
1. Mariah Denigan (Northern Kentucky Clippers Swimming) 1:01:05.32
2. Claire Pophal (Lake Erie Silver Dolphins) 1:01:42.34
3. Anna Auld (East Coast Aquatic Club) 1:02:31.78
4. Nicole Stiles 1:02:45.48
5. Mackenzie Lanning (Lakeside Swim Team) 1:03:05.80
6. Natalia Rongione (The Fish) 1:03:09.02
7. Paige Kuwata (Sandpipers of Nevada) 1:03:49.98
8. Kayleigh Lovell (Academy Bullets) 1:03:55.21
9. Victoria Culotta (Lake Erie Silver Dolphins) 1:04:20.66
10. Clare Vetkoetter (Texas Ford Aquatics) 1:04:21.07
11. Mallory Schleicher (South Florida Aquatic Club) 1:04:31.37
12. Carin Sanchez (Greater Tampa Swim Association) 1:04:51.61
13. Mirsha Lora (South Bay Aquatics) 1:04:57.41
14. Makoa Montgomery (Saluki Swim Club) 1:05:00.84
15. Kathryn Grimes (Sandpipers Of Nevada) 1:05:00.86
16. Meesha Montgomery (Saluki Swim Club) 1:05:06.26
17. Emily Knorr (Greensboro Community YMCA) 1:05:08.62
18. Blair Stoneburg (Treasure Coast Aquatics) 1:05:09.82
19. Audrey Conley (Dayton Raiders) 1:05:31.30
20. Andie Drew (Irish Aquatics) 1:05:33.40
21. McKenna Fiore (Gulf Coast Swim Team) 1:05:52.18
22. Kelsey Swartout (Gulf Coast Swim Team) 1:06:14.58
23. Lauren Hartel (Arlington Aquatic Club) 1:06:34.23
24. Martinez-Spencer (Riverside Aquatics Association) 1:07:04.52
25. Alexandra Threhane (Lobo Aquatic Club) 1:07:08.52
26. Berlyn Perdomo (West Florida Lightning Aquatic) 1:08:20.03
27. Isabelle Shapiro (Team Santa Monica) 1:09:06.68
28. Maren Mackey (Greater Pensacola Aquatic Club) 1:11:13.15
29. Megan Ehrnfeldt (Boyertown YMCA Navy Seals) 1:13:57.26
30. Lilahtov Brown (Lobo Aquatic Club) 1:14:18.43
31. Emily Lundgren (South Bay Aquatics) 1:14:43.70
32. Grace Dunn (Scottsdale Aquatic Club) 1:18:21.54

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