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Molly Nance started off her swimming career as a competitive age-group and collegiate swimmer, but is really revving up her global career as a 52-year-old veteran marathon swimmer.

Most recently, she has completed the the 43.5 km END-WET in 8 hours 2 minutes in 2013, 57.9 km END-WET in 11 hours 22 minutes (neoprene) in 2015, the 13.3 km Saguaro Lake in 4 hours 23 minutes, the 14.1 km Canyon Lake 4 hours 25 minutes, and the 10 km Roosevelt Lake 3 hours 43 minutes at the 2015 SCAR Swim Challenge in Arizona, the 14 km Alligator Lighthouse Swim in Florida in 5 hours 29 minutes in 2016, the Castle 10K in Wellington, New Zealand in 3 hours 17 minutes in 2017, the 16.1 km Minnetonka Challenge in Minnesota in 5 hours 30 minutes in 2017, and the 19.3 km Swim Around Charleston in South Carolina in 5 hours 42 minutes in 2017.

So she is ready for a solo 32 km crossing from Saint Lucia to Martinique sometime during May 15th and 17th.

Her crew that includes husband Paul, Bruce Hackshaw, Captain Mike, Nathaniel Waring and Sue Dyson expects her crossing to take between 13 and 15 hours. Her swim will help launch the inaugural Saint Lucia-Martinique Channel Swim on July 6th – 8th.

Sue Dyson has a clear goal in mind when it comes to the Saint Lucia-Martinique Channel Swim, a warm-water crossing between St. Lucia in the south and Martinique in the north.

Our goal is to be the pre-eminent warm water epic swim globally. We have the participation for this event by the St Lucia Tourism and Sports Ministries as well as many local organizations.

The event will involve open water swim clinics, 1 km, 3 km and 5 km races on July 8th. The signature 33.5 km swim is set for July 7th with a back-up weather date of July 9th.

The channel crossing is in the Caribbean Sea with gorgeous landscapes ahead and behind of the high volcanic islands of St Lucia and Martinique. There is a solo swimmer category and a 2- and 4-person relay category. Swimmers need to be able to complete a minimum of 3000 meters per hour over the 34 km crossing. Wetsuits are not allowed and water temperatures will be warm.”

Registration is open on Facebook here.

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