Courtesy of Mariel Hawley Dávila, Nado por mi Corazón, Mexico City.

Over 82,500 swimmers participated in this year’s Nado por mi Corazón event in Mexico to bring an awareness to heart disease and its prevention.

Pat Gallant-Charette observed, “They did an incredible job with screening of swimmers of all ages.”

All the organizers, volunteers and participants in Nado Por Mi Corazón have gone beyond the call of duty for their fellow Mexicans. It is great to see their passion and commitment to this cause,” said Steven Munatones who two years ago experienced a ventricular fibrillation arrest, atypical thrombus (clot), and myocardial infarction.

Besides the hands-free CPR by my son and the quick work of paramedics, cardiologists and nurses at Hoag Hospital [in Newport Beach], I strongly believe that a lifetime of swimming helped me survive that unexpected heart attack and enabled me to quickly get back on my feet. I benefitted from a perfectly timed help from family and very fast-working medical professionals, but I very seriously doubt I would be here without swimming.”

As part of the I Do it for You initiative, Grupo Martí hosted the eighth edition of Nado por mi Corazón which aims to promote medical check-ups and thus create awareness about the care of the heart.

In collaboration with the Mexican government and private organizations, the initiative encourages participants to be active through swimming.

The swimmers swam one kilometer in a single session between February 12th to 18th throughout Mexico.

Nado por mi Corazón was created as part of the global initiative Swim for Your Heart. Additionally, the event provides funds to benefit children of limited resources through the Fundación Kaluz to ensure Mexican children with heart disease has access to medical care and improve pediatric cardiovascular surgery programs.

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