Courtesy of Big Bay Events, Cape Town, South Africa.

Nico Manoussakis has competed from the 5 km team pursuit to the 10 km race and the 25 km marathon swim at the FINA World Championships in both Russia and Hungary, competing against the fastest open water swimmers in the world.

So he did not have much to worry about when competing at the 2018 Freedom Day Swim in Cape Town, South Africa on April 21st. He won hands down in 1 hour 29 minutes over Zac Ellis and Rudolf Visser in excellent conditions were excellent where the Top 5 finishers were among the 20 fastest crossings in history.

Jessika Steyn also handily won the women’s division in 1 hour 42 minutes.

The Freedom Swim is a tough 7.5 km ocean swim from Robben Island to Big Bay beach in South Africa. It celebrates Freedom Day (April 27th 1994) which marks the beginning of democracy in South Africa.

Bioprene Men Top 10 Results*:
1. Nico Manoussakis 1 hour 29 minutes 47 seconds
2. Zac Ellis 1 hour 37 minutes 31 seconds
3. Rudolf Visser 1 hour 40 minutes 15 seconds
4. Diego López Dominguez 1 hour 44 minutes 2 seconds
5. Kieron Palframan 1 hour 47 minutes 21 seconds
6. Raymond Butcher 1 hour 48 minutes 30 seconds
7. Herman van der Westhuizen 1 hour 51 minutes 31 seconds
8. Thomas Baldwin 1 hour 53 minutes 15 seconds
9. Matthew Stainforth 2 hours 1 minute 49 seconds
10. Chris Stainforth 2 hours 1 minute 58 seconds seconds

Bioprene Women Results*:
1. Jessika Steyn 1 hour 42 minutes 11 seconds

2. Samantha Whelpton 1 hour 54 minutes 53 seconds

3. Susan Knight 2 hours 1 minute 23 seconds

4. Marcelle Webber Stiemens 2 hours 6 minutes 1 second

5. Monika Hayes 2 hours 7 minutes 1 second

6. Keri Espey 2 hours 36 minutes 28 seconds

7. Yael Joffe 2 hours 41 minutes 12 seconds

8. Marie du Toit 2 hours 44 minutes 38 seconds

The Big Bay Event swims (that includes 2.5 km Around the Rocks, 5 km Atlantic Dash, Shipwreck Swim, and Benguela Cove Swim) will culminate its season with the 10.5 km Lighthouse To Big Bay Swim on May 20th.

For more information, visit Big Bay Events here.

Bioprene: Bioprene is an alternative term for the layer of hypodermis on the human body, also called subcutaneous tissue. It is mainly used for fat storage and a natural means to help tolerate cold water by open water swimmers. Its origin comes from the combination of bio + neoprene or polychloroprene, a synthetic rubber that is used for wetsuits. The term was first coined by Steven Munatones. Neoprene is the DuPont trade name for its brand of polychloroprene.

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