Courtesy of Oded Rahav from the Red Sea + Dead Sea + Sea of Galilee + Mediterranean Sea.

Udi Erell, Oded Rahav, Doron Amosi, Luc Chetboun, Ben Enosh, Ori Sela, Avishag Turek, Adina Paur, Yair Palti and Erez Amir planned and completed Sea Defenders’ Swim for a Clean Mediterranean, a 24-hour stage swim where they swam in four different seas.

Rahav recalled their four separate 6 km tandem swims, “It was purely one of the best swims and for a good cause. We continue our struggle for awareness regarding the over-use of plastics in our lives.

We wanted to tell the story of Israel surrounded by four majestic seas and to call upon people to dip in the water and have a different perspective about life and those who live on shore.

Our third cause was to empower local initiatives and doers in each and every sea. So in the Red Sea, we had with us the all the researchers of the Red Sea lab who are doing a tremendous work in restoring the flora and fauna, including corals. They swam and kayaked with us. After the swim, we received a short tour and lecture. Then we moved to the other sea. We had the mayors of each region join us along with sea scouts and researchers.

It’s not about us. We are only messengers who attract the light and focus for those that are making this world a better one.”

On November 15th, the group is aiming for a large international Dead Sea swim. “We must save it. This will be a unique swim, open to all but based on a strict criteria which will be published soon.

Our cause is to save the endangered reef and empower those institutes that are responsible to take the lead. If not now, when? The Red Sea is part of the Indian Ocean and is considered one of the wonders of this planet and probably the last reef to survive global warming.”

For additional information on the Sea Defenders’ Swim for a Clean Mediterranean, visit here.

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