Courtesy of Bruckner Chase, American Samoa.

Bruckner Chase will be in American Samoa to launch the Ocean Safe Initiatives with National Weather Service. During his visit in American Samoa, he will also help efforts to protect coastal areas with the U.S. Department of Marine Wildlife Resources.

In 2011, Chase pioneered a crossing from Aunu’u to Pago Pago. In 2018, he is launching an innovative National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration National Weather Service film series that was filmed on-island with a film crew last September.

Chase works with village groups, schools, local agencies and community groups to share the key messages that are central to the educational film series. The messaging includes specific marine hazards that are faced in American Samoa. The film teaches personal and community actions that can help prevent dangerous situations while also helping those who may find themselves in a position to protect or save others.

Chase said, “The vision of the Ocean Positive Foundation is to develop sustainable opportunities to enhance the safety, well-being and quality of life for everyone in American Samoa while working in cooperation with National Weather Service, Samoan Affairs, village leaders, government agencies, schools and community groups to coordinate on-island activities and outreach.

In addition to working with groups in the water and in the classroom on safety skills presented in the Ocean Safe film, the Ocean Positive Foundation will install a new Remote Rescue Station in Leone to protect those in trouble in the water and their potential rescuers. This innovative new system was developed to provide the equipment, instruction and resources needed on remote beaches for rescues.

Chase will be joined by his wife, Dr. Michelle Evans-Chase who has been working with him in American Samoa on the multitude of initiatives and programs they have provided over the years to the villages, schools, Department of Education, Department of Public Safety and others since 2011.

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