Courtesy of Ori Sela and Guilhem Banc-Prandi.

Udi Erell, Oded Rahav, Doron Amosi, Luc Chetboun, Ben Enosh, Ori Sela, Avishag Turek, Adina Paur, Yair Palti and Erez Amir completed a 24-hour stage swim where they swam in four different seas.

Our goal was to promote protection of seas from pollution,” explained Sela about the group Sea Defenders’ Swim for a Clean Mediterranean.

But how is it possible to swim in four different seas in 24 hours without flying?

The Cyprus Israel team and friends on the way did it by swimming in high temperatures, with special masks, at low temperatures in very salty seas and much more.

It all started in 6:00 am in Eilat in the Red Sea which is one of the most beautiful and fascinating seas in the world, After swimming 6 km, we continued to the Dead Sea.

We dove into the Dead Sea at 12 noon with special masks. The heat was crazy 30°C (86°F) in the water with 39°C (102°F) air temperatures. The hardest thing we faced was sweating inside the mask. On one hand, we were afraid to take the mask off to drink because you after putting it off water can slip in. On the other hand, we need to drink and eat.

The Dead Sea, the fear, the beauty, all together with the power of the team made something crazy and amazing. There was one moment where everybody just hold hands and thanked Mother Nature for her beauty.

By 5 pm, we reached the Sea of Galilee and ate something and got organized. By 6 pm, we started swimming in salt water. Everybody with stick lights on them for another 6 km. The crazy weather started at 40°C (102°F) and it was very very windy. Then the rain started like crazy. The sea moved and was coming back against the strong currents which was a hard task at first. But we sang a song to people and nature. Like magic, the sea changed and gave us one of the most beautiful sunsets ever.

Our last swim was in Tel Aviv at 4:00 am. Many swimmers wanted to swim with us in the last swim in the Mediterranean Sea. But the high waves and darkness left everybody outside except the team. The Cyprus Israel team started the last 6 km.

After it was over, what can I say? I felt such a blessing to have such good friends, friends that you can just fall and someone will catch you, friends to laugh with, friend to talk about your fears, just friends to make this truly crazy and one of the most beautiful swims ever.”

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