Courtesy of WOWSA, Morelos, México.

Maratón Contra Corriente Las Estacas is a unique 1 km upstream river swim held in the State of Morelos near México City. Participants swim upstream against the river currents in Rio de Las Estacas that is within a national park of Mexico.

15-year-old Catherine Giselle Ramirez Vargas won the women’s division in 13 minutes 21.1 seconds while Juan Manuel Del Pino Salas won overall in 11:49.3 in the annual February race.

For more information about the Nelson Vargas event, visit here.

The river has also been used for training for channel crossings. Back in September 2013, Triple Crowner Christian Ayala completed a 14-hour training swim in preparation for his English Channel crossing that he completed in 17 hours 38 minutes.

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