Courtesy of USA Swimming, Tempe Town Lake, Arizona.

Erica Sullivan, one of the fastest high school swimmers in the nation, will enter University of Southern California and join a plethora of very fast distance swimmers.

She will train with Haley Anderson, a USC graduate, Olympic silver medalist and world champion, Becca Mann and Isabella Rongione.

The foursome will be a force in the Olympic quadrennial under USA Olympic swim coach Catherine Vogt who also sits on the FINA Coaches Committee.

I chose USC because it’s a well-rounded program with awesome coaches as well as swimmers. It also gives me the opportunity of pursuing a career that I would like to go into,” said Sullivan, the latest Trojan national champion as she won today’s 5 km at the USA Swimming Open Water National Championships in Arizona’s Tempe Town Lake.

Sullivan got off to an early lead and was never really challenged, winning by a whopping 24 seconds in 58:18.168.

Hannah Moore of Wolfpack Elite was second in 58:42.418 (after finishing 6th in the 10 km on Friday), followed by 14-year-old Mariah Denigan in 58:53.438 who won the junior 5 km yesterday and finished 10th in the 10 km on Friday.

Kensey McMahon (8th in the 10 km) was fourth with Becca Mann in fifth, Makayla Sargent sixth and Maggie Wallace seventh.

5 km Women’s Results:
1. Erica Sullivan (Sandpipers Of Nevada) 58:18.2
2. Hannah Moore (Wolfpack Elite) 58:42.4
3. Mariah Denigan (Northern KY Clippers Swimming) 58:53.4
4. Kensey McMahon (Bolles School Sharks) 59:08.7
5. Becca Mann 59:14.4
6. Makayla Sargent (Islanders Aquatics) 59:32.3
7. Maggie Wallace (Egg Harbor Twp Seahawks) 59:53.9
8. Cathryn Salladin (FAST Swim Team) 1:00:00.4
9. Brooke Travis (Nation’s Capital Swim Club) 1:00:20.7
10. Kathryn Campbell (Team Santa Monica) 1:00:30.0
11. Alicia Mancilla (Gulliver Swim Club) 1:01:03.0
12. Emma Nordin 1:01:35.8
13. Colleen Daday (University of Pittsburgh) 1:01:39.7
14. Erica Laning 1:01:43.3
15. Noa Heron (West Florida Lightning Aquatic) 1:01:44.6
16. Ashley Strouse (Scottsdale Aquatic Club) 1:01:47.4
17. Nicole Oliva (Santa Clara Swim Club) 1:01:47.5
18. Catalina Berraud Galea (Swim Fort Lauderdale) 1:01:48.6
19. Abigail Kilgallon (Scarlet Aquatics) 1:01:48.8
20. Hildegard George (Great Wolf Swim Team) 1:01:49.3
21. Meghan Joran (University of Pittsburgh) 1:01:58.1
22. Hayley Hill (Scottsdale Aquatic Club) 1:02:00.0
23. Kaitlynn Sims (Magnolia Aquatic Club) 1:02:39.5
24. Grace Giddings (Rockville Montgomery Swim Club) 1:03:50.3
25. Victoria Culotta (Lake Erie Silver Dolphins) 1:04:00.2
26. Allison Bernier (Charger Aquatics) 1:04:00.4
27. Mackenzie Arens (Academy Bullets) 1:04:02.4
28. Caitlin Daday (Villanova University) 1:04:15.5
29. Caitlyn Wilson 1:04:23.6
30. Abigail Martin (Academy Bullets) 1:04:23.9
31. Emily Appleton (Weymouth Club Waves) 1:04:35.6
32. Allison Piccirillo (Northern KY Clippers) 1:04:38.8
33. Junseo Kim (Scarlet Aquatics) 1:04:55.9
34. Cameron Smith 1:05:02.8
35. Gina Cantoral (Lower Moreland Swimming & Divi) 1:06:15.6
36. Lucia Davis (Sweet Home Swim Club, Inc.) 1:06:58.7
37. Victoria McCullough (Nation’s Capital Swim Club) 1:07:55.3
38. Sabrina Mortell (Army West Point) 1:09:54.8

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