Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

No two races in the open water swimming world are the same.

Even the same race over the same course in the same venue is usually different year to year.

So it makes sense that many awards given to swimmers in the open water world are creatively different and unique.

The Marathon Swimmers Federation annually recognizes outstanding achievements and contributions in solo marathon swimming with its MSF Global Marathon Swimming Awards. The recipients of the Barra Award for Most Prolific Overall Year are voted and selected by members of the Marathon Swimmers Forum – and receive the coveted MSF Spork [see above]:

The Marathon Swimmers Federation also gives the MSF Navigator Award that recognizes extraordinary contributions to the advancement of the sport of solo marathon swimming and is selected by the Charter Members of the Marathon Swimmers Forum.

The MSF Navigator Award is a beautiful sextant [see above] and was initially presented as an inaugural honor to Evan Morrison for leading the Marathon Swimmers Federation and the Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association, and developing the Marathon Swimmers Forum, the MSF Rules of Marathon Swimming, MSF Documented Swims,, and LongSwimsDB.

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