Courtesy of Jacqueline Mcclelland, Wild Water Armagh (Conroy Pond), Ireland.

No two races in the open water swimming world are the same.

Even the same race over the same course in the same venue is usually different year to year.

So it makes sense that many awards given to swimmers in the open water world are creatively different and unique.

The IISA Ireland gives a cool award to swimmers who complete an Ice Kilometer at the annual IISA Ireland National Championships.

The IISA Ireland Medal was designed by Pádraig Mallon and made by Brian Muckian.

Jacqueline Mcclelland explains the award, “It is laser cut in aluminum with a hand-sprayed green center, highlighted with a clean white and silver embellished printed ribbon. The design represents the sharpness of the ice, representing all of Ireland in the three cloves of the shamrock and the love of Ireland in the shapes of the heart.”

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