Courtesy of USA Swimming, Tempe Town Lake, Arizona.

With Jordan Wilimovsky opting out of the 5 km race at the USA Swimming Open Water National Championships in Arizona’s Tempe Town Lake, it took University of Tennessee (Volunteer) David Heron to defend the American title from visiting Eric Hedlin of Canada.

Hedlin, a 5 km silver medalist at the FINA World Championships, and Heron had raced each other on several occasions around the world. But it was Heron’s day in the Arizona desert today. Heron had help from his teammate from Tennessee, Taylor Abbott who led for much of the race.

Heron said, “My plan was to draft as much as possible the first two laps, take it easy and then that last lap see if I could get ahead of everyone toward the end. It was a bit quicker than I was expecting, but in all it went well.”

It was Heron’s second consecutive national title in the 5 km and third career overall (2012 – see above, 2017 and 2018).

Men’s 5 km Results:

1. David Heron (Tennessee Aquatics) 54:29.9

2. Eric Hedlin (Canada) 54:30.9

3. Brennan Gravley (Sandpipers of Nevada) 54:32.9

4. James Brinegar (Mission Viejo Nadadores) 54:40.2

5. TC Smith (Unattached) 54:41.0

6. Hau-li Fan (Canada) 54:49.8

7. Jon McKay (Canada) 54:50.5

8. Taylor Abbott (Tennessee Aquatics) 54:50.6

9. Chris Deegan (Canada) 54:52.5

10. Aaron Apel (Scottsdale Aquatic Club) 54:52.5

11. Robert Delk(SwimAtlanta) 54:54.0

12. William Roberts (University Of Michigan Swim Team) 54:54.2

13. Felix Aubock (Austria) 55:01.3

14. Ross Dant (Hickory Foundation YMCA Seahor) 55:01.4

15. Robert Dickson (Unattached) 55:06.1

16. Joseph Gutierrez (Sandpipers Of Nevada) 55:09.7

17. Gordon Mason (Team Santa Monica) 55:39.0

18. Nicholas Becker (Sandpipers of Nevada) 55:41.0

19. Thomas Bretzmann (North Carolina Aquatic Club) 57:10.4

20. Christopher Bready (Bearcat Aquatics) 57:18.9

21. Tyler Jones (Bearcat Aquatics) 57:43.4

22. Ryan Schonbachler (University of Pittsburgh) 58:06.1

23. Matthew Hillmer (CSP Tideriders) 58:08.0

24. Ford Blaylock (Rockwall Aquatic Center of Excellence) 58:18.0

25. Walker Wilson(Lehigh University) 58:24.5

26. Antonio Thomas (Razorback Aquatic Club Aquahaw) 58:24.8

27. Nicholas Perera (Dayton Raiders) 58:28.3

28. Kyle Iorizzo (Scarlet Aquatics) 58:30.1

29. Cale Russell (Central Florida Marlins) 59:02.4

30. Tyler Kopp (Katy Aquatics) 1:00:24.5

31. Lucas Stuart (Magnolia Aquatic Club) 1:02:16.6

32. Douglas Boehme (Unattached) 1:04:44.6

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