Courtesy of Paul Lecomte, Pacific Ocean.

Within hours on June 5th, The Longest Swim will begin. When Ben Lecomte steps off the beach in Choshi on the far eastern coast of Japan on the first day of his 8,721 km assisted stage swim to San Francisco, California, 30-year-old Australian Tyral Dalitz will serve as an onboard researcher and the first mate to Israeli escort pilot Yoav Nevo.

Since 2014, I have been trying to circumnavigate the world without flying, on a bit of an extended underserved holiday. After making it from Australia to London at the end of 2016, the next step was finding a boat to sail across the Atlantic.

Fortunately enough, The Swim had just recently purchased [escort boat] DISCO in the UK, and was still desperate enough for crew to consider a hitchhiking Aussie bum.

Originally, I was only wanting to get to Canada to find a much-needed job, but the catch for an Atlantic crossing with The Swim was to help with another two Pacific crossings as well. Quite possibly the most roundabout way to get to Canada, but an adventure I am stoked to be involved in.

Dusting off my biological science degree, I will be helping with the science on board and the unique task of keeping the boat sailing at a breathtakingly slow pace. If I can help Ben achieve his dream while contributing to environmental awareness, something I‘ve always been passionate about, it’s well worth the unwanted stress of writing this bio.”

Lecomte’s swim can be followed on the Seeker or on his website. His live tracker can be seen here.

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