Courtesy of Stephen Millar, Irish Long Distance Swimming Association.

Global Swim Series 11th Annual Awards for the 2018 Season & Ireland Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame will be held at Belfast Castle on February 9th – 10th.

Organized by Stephen Martin, Paul McCambridge and Joao Santos, Lord Mayor Deirdre Hargey will give the welcoming address on Saturday.

Vanessa Daws and Claire Moraghan will present awards for Juvenile Best Newcomer, Juvenile Best Newcomer Runner-up, and Senior Best Newcomer.

Marie Watson and Milo McCourt will present awards the Ted Keenan Ulster Swimmer of the Year, Páraic Casey Munster Swimmer of the Year, and Connaught Swimmer of the Year and the Dál Riada Channel Swimmers.

Carol Cashell and Anne Louise Doherty will present awards for the Leinster Swimmer of the Year, the Best Organised Open Water Swim, and the Sheena Paterson Spirit of Open Water Swimming.

Lisa Cummins and Mrs. Waterworth will present the Female Senior Swimmer of the Year, Male Swimmer of the Year, and the Shane Moraghan Award Best Overseas Performance by an Irish Open Water/Marathon Swimmer.

Ned Denison will present the Shane Moraghan RIP Channel Medal and Niall Moraghan will present the Shane Moraghan Award.

June Traill, president of Swim Ulster, will present English Channel medals for solo and relay swimmers.

Billy Wallace, Irish Long Distance Swimming Association president, will present North Channel medals for solo and relay swimmers.

Kieran Fitzgerald will present the inductees of Ireland`s Marathon Hall of Fame followed by a closing address by Gary Knox and dinner (register here) at The Stormont Hotel.

On Sunday, there will be a swim dip at Helen’s Bays Hollywood Co. Down, a city tour, and the Irish Long Distance Swimming Association annual general meeting.

“It is events like this where inspiration and motivation are overflowing,” says Steven Munatones. “It is wonderful that everyone can reminisce and recognize outstanding individual efforts over the past year. But the races and swims are always augmented by the unsung efforts of escort pilots, coaches, volunteers and safety personnel. Swimmers are supported by their parents, spouses, friends and teammates. But until the last stroke is taken or the first step upon dryland is made, we just never know what the outcome will be.

The sport of open water swimming comes with so much risk and uncertainty. Weather can change, water temperatures change, wind speed and direction changes. Currents and tides change. In this dynamic flux of weather and water, swimmers seek their goals. And once they are achieved, a profound sense of accomplishment fills every fiber of a swimmer.

That is what will be celebrated at Belfast Castle: human accomplishment against and amid Mother Nature with a supportive network of professionals and friends.”

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