Racing At The 2019 FINA World Championships

Courtesy of Colin Hill, Yeosu EXPO Ocean Park.

The 18th FINA World Championships are held in South Korea in July.  All the open water swimming competitions will be held at the Yeosu EXPO Ocean Park between July 13th – 19th.

Race Schedule:

  • Men’s 5 km race is on Saturday, July 13th
  • Women’s 10 km race is on Sunday, July 14th
  • July 15th is an open day
  • Men’s 10 km race is on Tuesday, July 16th
  • Women’s 5 km race is on Wednesday, July 17th
  • 5 km mixed team relay is on Thursday, July 18th
  • Men’s and women’s 25 km races are on Friday, July 19th

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