Zina Deretsky, Swimmer And Postcard Painter

Courtesy of WOWSA, San Francisco Bay, California.

Zina Deretsky, a science and medical illustrator by day, is also an open water swimmer and postcard painter.

I’m definitely no powerhouse swimmer. I just love to be out there, and I’m trying to extend the distances I swim bit by bit. I love all the different conditions, colors, panoramas, landscapes and marine life we get to see out there.”

“No two swims out there are ever alike! The reason I keep coming back for more is the adventure. [By swimming in it,] I’ve learned more about San Francisco Bay in this last year than I knew about it in the 20 before that.”

Zina‘s work caught our eye after her photo was included in the recent article on swimming at night.

The digital painting above was inspired by her sunset swims. “Days had started to get really short and my group of friends was frequently swimming past sunset at the cove in Aquatic Park. My friend Greg, without the wetsuit, has a glow-stick tucked into his goggle straps.”

Thank you for lighting up the sport.

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