Aquapreneur Gary Emich‘s Alcatraz Log will be officially presented and gifted to the archives of the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame this week in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Emich, author of Open Water Swimming – Lessons from Alcatraz with Joe Oaks, knows this subject first-hand with over 750 individual swims to and from Alcatraz Island in the cold, navigationally tricky San Francisco Bay. In his Alcatraz Log, Gary detailed every single one of his swims in extraordinary detail beginning on May 15th, 1993 to the present time – all done without a wetsuit.

You can enjoy the wonderful feeling of success that comes from completion of the great, difficult and classic swimming challenge of swimming from Alcatraz Island to the shoreline of San Francisco. Alcatraz swims have been our obsession for many years.”

The Alcatraz Log is another one of many great reference items that are housed at the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame archives in Florida.

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