Baiadigrotta and Tricenter are organizing Nino Fazio’s solo attempt to swim from Vulcano (Aeolian Islands) to Milazzo (Sicily) on July 7th. The 23K course is expected to take Nino around 8 hours.

The Vulcano-Milazzo solo swim is one of the classics of open water swims in Italy. It was completed for the first time in 1975 by Michele Rossetti with fins and a wetsuit in 7 hours 30 minutes 48 seconds. The second crossing was completed in 1979 by The Shark Of the Straits Nino Musciumarra (with fins) in 8 hours 31 minutes 7 seconds.

Three swimmers have completed the swim without fins: Gianni Golini (1978) in 6 hours 25 minutes 51 seconds, the former Italian National Team Pippo Nicosia (1986) in 5 hours 27 minutes 7 seconds, and Cristina Scotto (2007) in 9 hours 56 minutes 27. The historical results are posted here.

The 50-year-old Nino from Messina, Sicily, has swum three shorter routes from the Aeolian Islands to Sicily: 21K Vulcano – Capo Calavà (1987) in 6:27:23, in 2005 in 5:55:56 and in 2006 in 5:35:05. He will be escorted by Giovanni Arena, one of the most respected pilots in the Sicilian seas.

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