The first open water swim series in Austria, sponsored by BioLifestyle, will begin this year for swimmers of all ages and abilities with the following events:

May 12th: 3.8K APFELLAND Schwimm-Marathon in Stubenberg

June 16th: 4K HECHTSEE X-Treme in Tirol

July 14th: 7K BestTrip BACKWATERMAN in Niederösterreich

July 28th” 9L HALLSTÄTTERSEE Marathon in Oberösterreich

August 19th: 5K EARL of PEARL in Salzburg

Manyoki Attila says, “I will be there. Every year, they have more open water events and the competitions are very well-organized.” While Attila follows traditional and FINA rules (i.e., no wetsuit) in the cool-water lake swims, wetsuits are allowed. “In this way, there are lots of swimmers who will participating with wetsuits, to swim in nature in the cold lakes.”

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