What started as one man’s dream last year has blossomed to the world’s longest and largest ultra-marathon stage swim.

David Barra and Rondi Davies organize the 2nd 8 Bridges Hudson River Swim, a 7-day stage swim down the Hudson River in the state of New York that covers 120 miles (193 km). The swim, begins at the Rip Van Winkle Bridge and ends at the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge in New York City.

So far with additional entrants expected, there are 17 marathon swimmers entered including Grace van der Byl from California who is attempting all 7 stages:

Stage 1 includes Grace van der Byl, Leonard Jansen and Hannah Borgeson
Stage 2 includes Grace van der Byl, Janet Harris and Lisa Neidrauer
Stage 3 includes Grace van der Byl, Devon Clifford, Suzie Dods, Ricardo Grossman
Stage 4 includes Grace van der Byl, Martin Turecky, John Regan, William Miller, Mary Kavaney
Stage 5 includes Grace van der Byl, David Barra
Stage 6 includes Grace van der Byl, Patty Maysent
Stage 7 includes Grace van der Byl, Amanda Hunt, Martin Turecky, John Regan, Patty Maysent

Barra explains, “The one change we made this year was building in a rain day into the middle of the event in case we are forced to postpone a stage due to a weather.” The schedule is:

June 25: Stage 1
June 26: Stage 2
June 27: Stage 3
June 28: Stage 4
June 29: Rain date for stages 1-4
June 30: Stage 5
July 1: Stage 6
July 2: Stage 7
July 3: Rain date for stages 5-7

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