The intrepid Michelle Macy who recently tried the earliest attempts at the Tsugaru Channel and North Channel to complete the Oceans Seven was caught short on both attempts by impossibly turbulent waters and summer water temperatures that hovered just about 50°F (10°C).

In her latest attempt today, Macy lasted 4 hours 41 minutes and had nearly reached the halfway point, swimming from Ireland to Scotland, but the very low air temperatures was too difficult to overcome combined with the cool water temperatures.

Piloted by Quinten Nelson, she departed Donaghadee at 7 am as the weather was rough to start and then settled down. The jellyfish presented themselves, but Macy did not suffer too many stings. The strong American swimmer from Oregon will be back at both channels. The same thing happened to her when she first attempted – and then later completed on a second attempt – the first crossing of the Clarence Strait in Alaska.

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