Doug Woodring is preparing for the Clean Half Extreme Marathon Swim in Hong Kong for Saturday’s race.

45 boats, 8 paddlers, and 55 teams will take part in what is expected to offer good headwinds and ocean swells on part of the 15km course.

For watermen and waterwomen, The Wall presents a great opportunity to either separate themselves from the field or catch up while taking some risks swimming against the sheer rock cliff.

It is a real rough water swim where ocean knowledge is critical.

The race could be interesting. We have a 500m wall where we swim along which allows for downwind body surfing for those who are good at it. Maybe the only marathon swim with a body surfing segment,” explained Woodring.

For both risk-taking aquatic athletes and ocean swimmers the Clean Half in Hong Kong is a really cool rough water swim where the conditions can test all the different skill sets of open water swimmers.

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