Jim McConica one of the most decorated swimmers of all time considering his exploits in the pool and open water over the course of his 5-decade career, will set off on an unprecedented 8-channel swim in 7 days tomorrow.

He will be in the water on his 8 Anacapa Crossings in 7 Days attempt so long over so many days that he will work through 4 different observers: Anne Cleveland, Lynn Kubasek, Dave Van Mouwerik and Jim Fitzpatrick.

The plan is to swim the Anacapa Channel eight times in seven days,” he explained about the 12.4-mile channel near Santa Barbara in California.
I hope to swim one solo crossing per day for the first six days, and on the seventh day, a double-crossing. Cold water, currents, chop, sea critters plus fatigue will be a big challenge.”

8 stages, 7 days, 4 observers, 99.2 miles. That is enough to wear out anyone.

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