Running a sub-3:00 marathon is considered pretty good for the average runner. Swimming a sub-3:00 marathon swim is also considered to be pretty good for the average adult swimmer.

Achieving both those two marathon goals on land and in the water however is a bit more challenging, especially if accomplished during the same calendar year.

The Sub-32 Marathon Club (or the Sub-3 x 2 Marathon Club) is a select group of people who have swum a full 10km marathon swim without a wetsuit, fins or paddles under 3 hours and who have also run a full 42km marathon run under 3 hours.

The 10km marathon swim can be done in fresh or salt water, but must be correctly measured by GPS and not done downstream in a flowing river. The swim can be done solo or as part of a race. The marathon run can be done in any marathon running event or a solo run documented with GPS.

Matt Paz of Long Beach just missed joining the Sub-32 Marathon Club when he missed the sub-3:00 mark by 7 minutes in his first 10 km swim at the Swim Across America in Long Beach, California. “It was tough,” recalled the budding triathlete. “I went the whole distance without anything. When they told them there was a [floating] feeding station, I just assumed there would be people there with all kinds of stuff to help me. I had no idea we had to bring our own stuff. Which I didn’t. But I will get under 3 hours for the marathon swim next year.”

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