Similar to Governor His Excellency The Governor Duncan Taylor of the Cayman Islands, President Obama is comfortable and more than competent in the open water.

While Governor Taylor competes frequently in the sea swims in the Cayman Island, President Obama has much less frequent opportunities to swim and body surfed.

The last public ocean fun he had was in Florida in 2010 and on Oahu in 2008, but he is heading to Hawaii again in December for a vacation.

With the body surfing form he showed in Hawaii, and his formative years as a student in Hawaii, it appears that President Obama doesn’t need much Secret Service assistance in the ocean. Because he also plays basketball and reportedly has good aerobic fitness, so it is very probable that President Obama can do a decent open water swim.

Andrew Gemmell and Alex Meyer met with President Obama in a post-Olympic photo op at the White House, but it remains to be seen if he’ll take up the sport.

Photo by Associated Press.

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